The nursery environment

The nursery building consists of four separate spacious playrooms, which all present a safe, secure home-from-home environment targeted towards the ages and stages of the groups of children using them. Our preschool room is equipped with its own easily accessible children’s bathroom, as well as a side room used for quiet time and small group activities.

Our toddler and totters rooms have shared access to another children’s bathroom allowing us to fully support toilet training at any age. Each room has free access to its own outdoor garden area offering opportunities for outdoor play in all weathers. In addition, we have a large communal garden space which hosts our ‘garden room’ and forest school areas, further extending the outdoor opportunities for all our children.

Throughout the nursery we strive to support our children to become confident, curious, and creative individuals with well-developed lifelong learner skills. Our passionate and knowledgeable practitioners guide our children to conquer challenges, investigate their ideas and master new skills through meaningful interactions and valuable experiences. Our staff have carefully considered the ages and stages of the children in their care and created beautiful and inspiring environments that offer a wide variety of loose parts, natural and authentic resources to be fully explored. We understand the importance of exposure to literacy within the early years and the positive impact this can have on a child’s development and have ensured every area of the nursery offers a cosy space for stories to be read and explored, and that story reading/telling is a part of every child’s day.

Although we operate across four separate age-related rooms, we often offer opportunities for children of different ages to interact with one another to further enhance the learning and development of all age groups.

Our approach is consistent throughout the nursery, each room offers challenge, invitations to learn and the support of practitioners at an appropriate level for the ages and stages of development of the children accessing it. This consistent approach means that we can offer a smoother room-to-room transition across the nursery. This transition process, and the age at which a child moves onto the next stage in their Little Stars journey can also be flexible to suit the needs of your child.

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