About Us

Little Stars Day Nursery, Waterbeach was established in 2013 by Lisa and Adam Wakley-Davies, with a vision to provide a high quality, convenient, ‘home from home’ style childcare for local families.

With a strong understanding of the difficulties many families face in having to find suitable childcare for young children and the importance of children’s early development and learning, Lisa and Adam have created an inspiring environment in which their dedicated staff team provide opportunities for each individual child to learn and develop whilst receiving high quality day to day care.

The happiness and wellbeing of your child is our highest priority.

Little Stars Day Nursery offers daily care for children aged 3 months to 5 years. For many of our children and their families, the nursery becomes a ‘second home’.

We pride ourselves on providing our children with a wide range of experiences and opportunities to explore. Recently becoming a Curiosity Approach accredited nursery we promote use of natural and authentic resources and loose part play all of which having considerable positive benefits on our children’s learning and development.

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What our parents say…

All three of our children love Little Stars.  What is not to love; the staff are friendly and caring, they get to know each child individually and their little quirks.  We had a phone call once to say our daughter wasn’t eating and wanted cuddles which was out of character and sure enough she was under the weather.  Our kids come out happy and judging by the numerous changes of clothes the mud kitchen and paint station is well used!  Our children have different personalities ranging from reserved and unsure to perhaps a little too confident and each one of them is excelling.  The effort that goes into the children to make them school ready is amazing.  I would never have thought about doing a practice PE sessions so they know what to expect, getting familiar with recognising their own name, forest school on the grounds of the primary school, the preschool room is set up to mirror Reception – everything is geared up to making the children not notice the difference from Preschool to big school and it works.  Our eldest made strong friendships with her Little Stars friends which still holds and helped no end when settling into Reception.  There are ducks at Littlestars and as a result our one year old thinks that every animal quacks ( but we’re working on that!) – Debbie Redfern (parent)

-Debbie Redfern (parent)

Our eldest son went to Little Stars from the age of 1 until he started school, and loved every minute of it. The staff were always warm and kind, coming up with plenty of activities to keep the children busy while also letting them follow their own interests. Best of all, our son made lots of friends who he has now gone to school with. We’re delighted that our youngest son has now started at Little Stars

– Chris Havergal (parent)