At Little Stars we provide home-cooked, nutritionally balanced meals which are planned and prepared by our own chef here at the nursery. Not only does this give our children all the energy they need to go about their busy nursery days, but also allows us to cater for any special dietary requirements. Fresh fruit and vegetables are served daily building a foundation for our children to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Mealtimes are an important part of the nursery day and are served family-style. Our team sit with our children to eat, providing positive role models in the mealtime setting, encouraging use of cutlery, sharing, turn-taking and talking about the food we are eating. Independence is also promoted with the children serving themselves, pouring their own drinks and clearing away.

For our babies meals can be pureed, mashed or left whole to meet individual needs. Self-feeding is encouraged and supported by our team.

Drinking water is available at all times throughout the day. Milk is also offered alongside snacks.