Baby room

Baby Room

The baby room adopts a home from home environment, providing a good balance of stimulation and calm for our babies. We encourage curiosity, awe and wonder through age appropriate activities, which contributes to developing confidence within our babies.

We adapt nursery routines around the needs of our youngest Little Stars to ensure that the home to nursery transition is as smooth as possible. Our passionate practitioners take time to develop strong bonds with each child, providing the security our babies need to explore and learn in a safe and comforting environment.


We work in partnership with our parents to adapt routines to meet the needs of each child. We ensure the children experience a balance of calm, quiet time and as well as exciting and stimulating activities.


We allow our babies the freedom to explore their environment. We use their interests to develop inspiring activities to develop key skills in our babies allowing them to become confident life long learners.


We understand the importance of developing early communication skills. Our day to day environment along with the curiosity approach and our passionate practitioners encourage babies to develop language and communication skills which they carry with them throughout their education.