Preschool Room

Our Preschool room prides itself on allowing children to develop vital skills to become life long learners. We support our children to build, confidence, creativity and curiosity enabling them enter the world of formal education, ready to learn.

Preschool strives to:
-Promote curiosity, awe and wonder in all areas of learning. 
– Encourage children’s independence in day to day activities and daily routines.
-Develop children’s confidence to learn, question, explore and develop.
-Enhance children’s social skills to prepare them for the transition to school 
– Support the school transition process, to ensure children go leave us to go to school as happy and confident as possible. 


We encourage our children to demonstrate their innate imagination and ensure they have the freedom to express their ideas and creativity in a wide variety of ways.


Our passionate practitioners promote a sense of belonging amongst our children. We ensure the children’s voices are heard. Practitioners expand on the children’s interests to provide exciting learning opportunities and experiences.


We encourage our children to explore their surroundings, to question and investigate. Children are supported to take on challenges and become critical thinkers. We use authentic resources to promote awe and wonder from within.